1st Issue of Company Simple Debentures

On 08/18/2021, the Company carried out its first Simple Debenture Issue, with maturity on 08/18/2026. A total of 225,000 debentures were effectively issued (units), totaling an overall face value of R$ 225,000,000.00, and the unit face value of the debentures on the Issuance Date was R$ 1,000.00. The other characteristics of the debentures are: (i) they have restricted circulation (intended only for professional investors); (ii) they are not convertible into shares; (iii) with the possibility of redemption.

As for its remuneration, it will be subject to remuneration interest of 100% of the accumulated variation of the average daily DI (Interfinancial Deposits for one day) rates, expressed in annual form and with a base year of 252 business days, plus a spread or surcharge of 2.50% per year.

To access the debenture deed click here.

Issue Date Maturity Principal (R$) Debt Balance(R$)
Interest Rate Coupon Payment Amortization (*) Ticker
1st Issue of Debentures
08/18/21 08/18/26 225,000,000.00 228,377,297.56 CDI + 2,50% Semiannual Annual WIZS11

(*) The amortization of the principal will happen in the 8th and 10th installment


Compensation Schedule

 Installment Date of payment Reference period Coupon Principal/Open debit balance R$ Remuneratory Interest R$
1st February 18th 2022 DI + 2,50% p.a.  225,000,000.00 10,766,399.79
2nd August 18th 2022 DI + 2,50% p.a. 225,000,000.00 16,153,820.3
3rd February 18th 2023 DI + 2,50% p.a. 225,000,000.00 18,139,367.95
4th August 18th 2023 DI + 2,50% p.a. 225,000,000.00 17,357,428.13
5th February 15th 2024 DI + 2,50% p.a. 225,000,000.00 15,929,036.84
6th August 18th 2024 DI + 2,50% p.a. 225,000,000.00
7th February 18th 2025 DI + 2,50% p.a. 225,000,000.00
8th August 18th 2025 DI + 2,50% p.a. 112.500.000,00
9th February 18th 2026 DI + 2,50% p.a. 112.500.000,00
10th August 18th 2026 DI + 2,50% p.a.  –

Principal balance: nominal value of subscription and payment of debentures outstanding on the payment date;
Remuneratory Interest: amounts already incurred of remuneratory interest corresponding to 100% (one hundred percent) of the accumulated variation of the average daily rates of the DI – Interfinancial Deposits, “over extra group”, expressed as a percentage per year, based on 252 (two hundred and fifty two) Business Days, calculated and disclosed daily by B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão, in the daily information available at its website ( br) (“DI Rate”) and spread or surcharge of two point five hundred and fifty percent (2.50%) per annum, based on two hundred and fifty-two (252) Business Days, calculated exponentially and cumulatively, pro rata temporis by Business Days elapsed since the First Date of Payment or since the immediately preceding Date of Payment of Remuneration, inclusive, as the case may be, until the end of each Capitalization Period outstanding on the date of payment.



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