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We operate as a complete insurance broker specializing in bancassurance and as a consortium and credit distributor, covering everything from distribution, channel management and operations to the creation of specific solutions in the insurance, consortium and credit segments. Over more than 50 years, we have developed complete sales and after-sales solutions, both in the individual and corporate segment, to enhance the results of our customers and partners in various distribution channels.

We operate nationwide through our Business Units, offering face-to-face, remote and digital solutions for the sale and after-sales of insurance and financial products. Interdependently, they capture synergy gains between their different businesses and generate competitive advantages for the conglomerate, impacting the entire insurance and financial market chain. Investing in people, technology and methods, we form high-performance teams and develop business models focused on operational efficiency and achieving consistent results, maximizing the value of our operations.

We are a publicly traded company, with shares listed on the Novo Mercado segment of B3 – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão since June 2015 (B3: WIZC3).

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Our History

Wiz’s history begins in 1973, as Fenae Corretora, later renamed PAR Corretora. We focused our activities on insurance sales until the beginning of the 2010s, when the arrival of new shareholders led to a restructuring in our company. These changes culminated in our IPO – the only IPO (initial public offering) held in the country in 2015 – and in the current business model, through which we seek to diversify and strengthen our core competencies.

Learn more about our history

Our history begins in Rio de Janeiro in 1973, as Fenae Corretora, when we were constituted by FENAE – National Federation of Personnel Associations of Caixa Econômica Federal – to operate in the insurance brokerage, business intermediation and asset management segment, notably selling insurance over Caixa Econômica Federal’s counter.

In 2010, we were renamed PAR Corretora, in order to implement the strategy of intensifying our operations in the insurance brokerage segment. In 2012, FENAE, as our sole shareholder, admitted Caixa Seguros Holding (CSH) and GP Investimentos as partners. The arrival of new partners led to an important restructuring and consolidation of our business and governance models, with a strong investment in technology, preparing the Company for the public offering of shares. We went public in 2015, at the formerly named BM&FBOVESPA, with the trading ticker “PARC3”, having been the only IPO held in the country that year.

In 2017, we undertook an important movement to reposition the Company, culminating in the change of our brand to Wiz and, consequently, of our trading ticker to “WIZS3”. Through this change, the Company’s Management established a new vision of the future, with the objective of expanding our frontiers of activity and starting an important movement of digital transformation and diversification of our businesses. In accordance with this strategy, in 2017 we carried out the Company’s first M&A transaction, when we acquired Finanseg Administração e Corretagem de Seguros S.A., starting our current business unit “Wiz Parceiros”.

Currently, we are still committed to the movement of inorganic expansion, diversification of operations and the consolidation of our operating model, structured in autonomous and synergistic Business Units. We pursue, in a very disciplined manner, our vision of the future of “being the largest and best manager of distribution channels for financial and insurance products in the country”.

In this line, we entered into several strategic agreements with relevant market partners to operate in bancassurance: Banco Inter (2019), Banco Bmg (2020), Banco BRB (2021), Polishop (2022), Paraná Banco (2022) and Grupo Omni (2022). We also expanded our operation to the credit sector, entering into partnerships with Galápagos Capital (2019), Banco Itaú (2021), Santander Consórcios (2021), BB Consórcios (2021), Banrisul (2022), and carrying out the acquisition of Promotiva S.A. (2022), to work in partnership with Banco do Brasil. In 2021, the partnership established with Caixa Seguridade to operate in the distribution of insurance products in CAIXA’s sales channels was ended.

In recent years, we have developed new solutions and adaptable business models to provide this diversification of operations. Today, we have a range of solutions to enhance the profitability of various distribution channels through the sale of credit and insurance products.

Below, we list the main milestones of our history:


Our strength comes from our Business Units

Wiz is increasingly agile and dynamic, but at the same time, we rely on the pillars of management to ensure the delivery of results. We structured our current business model focused on independent and autonomous units, with direct accountability for results and a focus on operational efficiency. At the same time, we have a solid corporate core, capable of meeting the verticals of activity and prospecting for new business opportunities with a strategic profile adhering to the Company.

We divided our Business Units into 3 segments:

Insurance Segment

The segment’s units operate in physical or digital counters owned by commercial partners, with equity, exclusivity, and participation of Wiz in management, using various strategies to make the partner’s operation profitable by offering insurance and credit products to customers, as long as these products are not the core operation of the counter in question.

Below, we present the Business Units that operate in this segment:

Business Units of the Insurance segment

Bmg Corretora

Bmg Corretora operates in the sale of financial and insurance products, including individual and corporate insurance, consortia, capitalization and private pension plans, through Banco BMG’s distribution channels. It has access to an extensive distribution network consisting of about 800 physical stores – the Help! stores – and 2 thousand active bank correspondents. Bmg Corretora has exclusivity to operate in the Banco BMG network for 20 years, since November/2020.

BRB Seguros

BRB Seguros operates in the commercialization of insurance products through the distribution channels of BRB Banco de Brasília, having access to an extensive distribution network comprised by more than 140 bank branches, correspondent network and digital channels of the bank. The subsidiary has been granted exclusive rights to exploit the distribution channels of BRB for 20 years, since January/2022.

Paraná Seguros

Paraná Seguros operates in the sale of insurance products through Paraná Banco’s distribution channels, having access to a channel present in all Brazilian states through an omnichannel distribution network. The subsidiary has an exclusive license to explore Paraná Banco’s distribution channels for 10 years, starting in November/2022.

Wiz Conseg

Wiz Conseg operates in the sale of insurance and financial products through car dealership networks. The unit has high a performance team, technology and an efficient management model for mapping opportunities for direct sales and enhancing profitability of partner dealerships. Integration and real time interface with the dealerships, insurance companies and financial/banks are some of the services of this Business Unit, in addition to the activation, training and orientation of the dealer networks, with the performance of a dedicated team.

Polishop Seguros

In our Polishop Seguros unit, for a period of 10 years, we have acted exclusively in the distribution of insurance products in the channels of the Polishop retail chain, marking Wiz Co’s entry into the retail sector.

Inter Seguros

Inter Seguros is an investee of Wiz that operates in the sale of insurance, consortia and pension plans on Inter’s platform. It has a segmented business model in the bancassurance and appassurance strategies – offering insurance in a contextualized manner, consistent with the profile and moment of life of each client. Currently, Inter Seguros has the largest 100% digital insurance offering operation in the country. Inter Seguros has the grant for the exclusive exploitation of the Banco Inter branch for the sale of insurance for 50 years, witch started on June/2019.


OMNI1 is the broker responsible for offering insurance products, assistance and guarantees in the channels of the OMNI Group. The Group has a presence in more than 10 thousand establishments distributed throughout the national territory and has more than 4.1 million clients. OMNI1 has an exclusive right to operate the group’s channels for 10 years.

Wiz Corporate

With B2B operations, Wiz Corporate has solutions for all company sizes and for all industry segments. It offers personalized insurance, with a specialized technical-commercial team, operating throughout the national territory.

Credit and Consortiums Segment

The units in the segment, operate by providing solutions and methods to leverage the sales performance of our customers. They provide sales force management solutions, as well as proprietary insurance and credit products, ensuring good remuneration and competitive products to leverage the profitability of our partners’ channels. These operations are not exclusive to operate in the channels in which they currently operate.

Below, we present the Business Units that operate in this segment:

Business Units of the Credit and Consortiums Segment

Wiz Parceiros

Wiz Parceiros is one of the largest distribution networks for financial products in the country. It operates in the prospecting, activation, support and training of strategic partners for the sale of credit and credit-related insurance products, with high expertise in the consortium market. The distribution network of this unit has more than 21,000 points of sale throughout the national territory and is characterized by high capillarity and commercial efficiency.


Promotiva is responsible for managing the largest network of Correspondent Banks¹ of Banco do Brasil, which operates under the brand Mais BB. The unit has a network of hundreds of business partners, which offers Banco do Brasil’s products in a presential and remote way all over the national territory, including regions with low banking presence. It has a wide portfolio of exclusive Banco do Brasil products, such as financial products, consortium and insurance products.


Note: (1) “Correspondent Banks” or Cobans: legal entity contracted by financial institutions to act on their behalf in the marketing of their financial products and services.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Services Segment

The units in the “Enablers” segment provide technological solutions and services to the entire business chain of the Wiz Group units and our customers, with a focus on the insurance and financial products sector. They are fully structured Business Units that provide solutions, working in processes complementary to the core business.

Below, we present the Business Units that operate in this segment:

Business Units of the Services Segment

Wiz Concept

With more than 800 employees, Wiz Concept is a solutions house specializing in the insurance and credit markets, providing strategic services with precise solutions for our partners to stay focused on their core business. High-quality services with a focus on customer satisfaction, innovative technology with high connectivity, and products suitable for contextualized offerings for remote and digital channels.

Corporate Segment

The units in the Corporate segment have specialized operations, with technical structures developed to sell complex financial and insurance products. They act in a consultative way, guaranteeing the best solutions to their customers. These units operate both by exploring opportunities derived from core business units and by pursuing their own go2mkt strategy.

Below, we present the Business Units that operate in this segment:

Business Units of the Corporate Segment

Wiz Corporate

With B2B operations, Wiz Corporate has solutions for all company sizes and for all industry segments. It offers personalized insurance, with a specialized technical-commercial team, operating throughout the national territory.

Our Culture

Our Pillars

  • Development: is about identifying different ways to develop in the face of daily challenges. It is about accepting the challenge and leading solutions!
  • Equality and inclusion: It is going beyond diversity by promoting equity through inclusion.
  • Consistent results: It is directing enthusiasm and pride for Wiz in day-to-day actions that consistently boost results.
  • Synergy: Being part of a single group and driving the business forward through teamwork.
  • Dynamism: It is reacting positively and proactively to the dynamism of our business, adjusting the course whenever necessary.


We have a strong culture that is based on people and invests in training high performance professionals. We strive to be an increasingly diverse and equal company.


Over the years we have won awards and certifications with the performance of a joint and collaborative work.