How do I invest in shares of Wiz?

Pursuant  to current rules, investors shall always purchase or sell shares through institutions authorized to act as members of the distribution system. Currently, for example, only brokerage firms and security distributors are authorized to operate on securities, commodities and futures exchanges and organized over-the-counter markets.

Therefore, investors interested in buying or selling shares of Wiz must first register with an authorized brokerage firm or distributor. The complete list of brokerage firms and distributors of securities is available on the CVM website and the list of brokerage firms can also be found on the B3 website (http://www.b3.com.br/pt_br/produtos-e-servicos/participantes/busca-de-participantes/busca-de-corretoras/).

The intermediary will request clients to provide all the minimum information necessary for registration and other necessary regulatory procedures. Investors are required to update this information, when necessary. After this stage is completed, investors will be able to trade in regulated securities markets.

It is suggested that investors study the stock market more deeply before they begin investing. In addition to the content and courses available on the website of  the B3, the following websites may be helpful:

– http://www.portaldoinvestidor.gov.br/index.html

– http://www.cvm.gov.br/

Source: CVM – Investor Portal

On which stock exchanges are Wiz shares traded and what is the Company’s ticker?

Our shares are only traded on the B3 – Brasil Bolsa Balcão S.A., former BM&FBOVESPA, under the ticker WIZC3.

We are listed in the Novo Mercado special corporate governance segment, the highest level of differentiated corporate governance practices.

What is the depository institution of Wiz shares and what are its responsibilities?

The financial institution contracted to provide services of bookkeeping and custody of Wiz shares is currently Itaú Unibanco Holding S.A.

Wiz shareholders are attended by telephones: 3003-9285 for capital cities and metropolitan regions, 0800 720 9285 and 0800 720 5299 for other regions. The attendance hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The head office of Itaú Unibanco Holding S.A. is located at Praça Alfredo Egydio de Souza Aranha, 100, Torre Olavo Setubal, Parque Jabaquara – Zip Code 04344-902 – São Paulo – Brazil.

It is the role of the Bookkeeping Bank to attend our shareholders for:

– Issuing statements of shareholder position;

– Registration update (address, bank domicile, etc.);

– Annual reports for income tax declaration purposes;

– Notices of payment of dividends;

– Exercise of rights (subscription, dissent etc.).

How can I monitor the price of Wiz shares?

You can monitor the price of our shares in the Quotes section of our investor relations website. If you want to compare our shares with other indexes, such as the Ibovespa, please access the Quotes and Charts section in the Investor Services menu. The quotes have a 15-minute delay.

How should I proceed to obtain individual shareholders’ earnings report for income tax purposes?

Wiz stocks are currently booked by Banco Itaú Unibanco Holding S.A., which has as one of its attributions to issue and make available the annual reports for income tax return purposes to the Company’s shareholders.

Thus, we inform that since 02/28/2023, the Income Statements referring to the year 2022 are exclusively available at the Digital Correspondence Portal.

In case of first access to the Digital Correspondence Portal, please perform your first access as follows:

1) Access https://correspondenciasdigitais.itau.com.br/login and click on “first access”;

2) Enter your CPF and date of birth (Individual) or CNPJ and date of foundation (Legal entity);

3) Choose the option to verify your identity (phone number or e-mail). If you cannot find your phone number or e-mail, call our Customer Service Center at 3003 9285 (Capital and metropolitan regions) / 0800 720 9285 (other regions), from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm;

4) Type the code received by e-mail and/or phone and create your personal password;

There, now just enter your CPF/CNPJ and the new password registered to access your documents.


In case of doubts, please refer to the Customer Service Channel.

CUSTOMER SERVICE 0800 728 0728

Complaints, cancellations and general information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ombudsman 0800 570 0011

If you are not satisfied with the solution presented, contact the Ombudsman on working days, from 9am to 6pm.

Hearing / Speech Impaired 0800 722 1722

Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm. Saturdays, from 9am to 3pm (Brasília time).

What are the procedures for changing shareholders’ registration data?

Shareholders are responsible for keeping their registration data up-to-date. They should request the brokerage firm to make all necessary changes, following the institution’s specific procedure. Once the registration data are changed at the brokerage firm, the shareholder’s data are automatically updated at the BM&FBovespa and on the database of our bookkkeeping agent, Banco Bradesco. Shareholders are advised to keep their registration data and addresses up-to-date to ensure that they receive the latest information.

How and where does Wiz disclose its information (Register for Mailing)?

All relevant facts, earnings announcements and other information communicated to the Wiz market are disclosed simultaneously to the CVM and to the investor relations area of ​​the Company’s website (https://ri.wizsolucoes.com.br/en/), in addition to being subsequently forwarded by electronic mail to people who register to receive such information. To register click here. To access the dates for the disclosure of results and other relevant events of the Company click here (https://ri.wizsolucoes.com.br/en/investor-services/calendar-of-events/) to access the Corporate Calendar.

The complete financial statements are published annually in the newspapers “Diário Oficial do Distrito Federal” and “Jornal de Brasília”. Quarterly financial statements, earnings releases, presentations, material facts and notices to shareholders are available on Wiz’s investor relations website (https://ri.wizsolucoes.com.br/en/). Other information about the Company can also be obtained on the websites of B3 – Brasil Bolsa Balcão S.A (http://www.b3.com.br/pt_br/) and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (www.cvm.gov.br).

How many shares does Wiz have?

Wiz has 159,907,282 common shares. Wiz does not have preferred shares.

Where can I find information on dividend distribution?

In accordance with our bylaws, Wiz has a minimum dividend payout of 50% of the profit obtained, paid annually regarding the previous year’s profit. Since 03/23/2020 we have been distributing the mandatory minimum by Statute, in order to compose capital budget as approved in the AGM of 2020. For more information about Wiz’s dividend payment policy and history, please access the page of dividends from our website, available at the link: https://ri.wizsolucoes.com.br/en/financial-informations/dividends/.

How can I contact Wiz’s Investor Relations Area?

You can contact our Investor Relations area through the IR Contact section of our website. There you will find a form to send your message/question via e-mail and the team’s telephone number.

How to learn more about Wiz?

We believe that, for an initial understanding of the company’s operations, it is interesting to see the corporate presentation, available on the IR website, at the link: https://ri.wiz.co/en/apresentacoes-e-eventos-2/ and read the latest earnings release, available at the link: https://ri.wiz.co/en/results-center/.

The IR team believes these links are a good start for the Company’s analysis.

If you any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Information on how to contact the IR team at https://ri.wiz.co/en/ir-contact-2/.